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Are You Ready For The Google Shopping Switchover?
For many years, e-commerce websites have enjoyed the “free” traffic and subsequent sales from Google’s product comparison vehicle Google Shopping. Not only that, but Google have been displaying relevant products from Google Shopping directly into the search results page. In 2012 Google announced that this platform would change into an all paid platform.

Friday 15th February, circle the date as this is when the UK’s version of Google Shopping is going to change into a pay-per-click model. This will all be managed within Google’s pay per click platform Google Adwords. Don’t have a Google Adwords account? Contact us to find out how easily this can be set up.

What Are Product Listing Ads?
Product Listing Ads are ads that include richer product information like a products image, price product name etc. Whenever a Google user enters a search query relevant to an item in Google Product Feed, the system will automatically show the most relevant products along with the associated image, price, product name, merchant name and any other information.

Research has shown that people are twice as likely to click on a product listing ad than on a regular search result or even a standard Adwords ad!

How Do You Ensure That Your Products Are Listed?
As mentioned above, you will need a Google Adwords account to ensure that your products can be listed on Google Shopping. Along with this you will need your Google Shopping Product Feed. Don’t have a Google product feed? Contact us to arrange implementation of a Google Product Feed.

What We Do
Here at Star Web Innovations, we either utilise or create a new Google Product feed (from your current website) to create highly specific Adgroups within your Google Adwords account. Our extensive experience in Product Feed management means that our Product Listing Ad targeting methods are far more advanced than any of our competitors. It is this keen attention to detail that promises a high return on investment.

All of our account managers are certified by Google to manage client Adwords accounts and have extensive experience in Adwords & product feed optimisation.

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Advertiser Guide: working with a third-party partner

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